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About Narendra

Hello I am Narendra Nathan (Narendra for short), and I am a Chartered Professional Civil Engineer who practiced as an Engineer for 42 years, and at the same time practiced Yoga for around 30 years.

I have been teaching Yoga in the community for more than 15 years. My personal practice of Yoga now exceeds 25 years.

Over the years the passion for Yoga prompted me to retire from my engineering profession and dedicate my life to Yoga and Community service.  My vision is to bring affordable and authentic Yoga, as practiced by the sages of India for thousands of years, without gimmicks and aberrations.

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The benefits of Yoga were known for thousands of years. In the last 50 years research by the scientific community in Europe and USA has also validated the various benefits of Yoga.

I wish to bring Yoga and it’s eight( Ashta) limbs( Anga) ( this is Ashtanga Yoga), as expounded by Sage Patanjali, for the benefit of the community.  This prompted me to set up Sanatana Yoga Academy( SYA for short).  “Sanatana” means eternal or time immemorial. In SYA we strive to bring the Yoga as it was from the beginning.

In the tradition of Yoga, I created programmes to offer Yoga for often forgotten sections of the community such as seniors and prisoners.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you enjoy how Yoga and it’s eight limbs can impact on your life in so many
positive ways.