These 4 steps to sustainable weight loss using yoga practices are the only weight loss program you will need for your lifetime.



Being overweight is not just an appearance issue, it can lead to serious health consequences such as hypertension, diabetes, hypo thyroid, arthritis, heart diseases to name a few. Are you tired of trying to lose weight with crash diets, premade food delivered to your doorstep, hours of work out in the gym? Well do not despair, you are not alone. Studies have shown that only 4% of people who went on a diet sustained their weight loss after 2 years! Surprising? Well not really. Dieting alone does not address all the fundamental issues that contribute to weight gain.

I have helped people in their journey to better health and love their bodies. I am sharing with you my decades-long experience. What do you get at the end of the workshop?

• You will understand why you need to lose weight.

• What causes weight gain and obesity?

• How to lose weight and maintain it using our unique 4 step SMAF approach.

In this workshop I will give you an overview of 4 steps to weight loss Stress management, Mindset, Activities and Food. (SMAF for short).

You will gain an understanding of how Yoga Practices can be used to formulate the best Weight Loss Program addressing Stress, Mindset and Activities. In the case of Food, you will understand what food to eat and why based on your body type. You will gain a deeper insight into your body’s energy balances and imbalances, mental characteristics, foods to avoid and food to eat based on Ayurveda the ancient life science of India

At the end of the workshop, you will be able to start your journey to sustainable weight loss confidently and on a solid foundation to reach your goals steadily and sustainably.

Who should attend:Anyone interested in understanding obesity and those battling weight and related health issues, and wish to approach your weight loss, health gain journey with the confidence that you will sustain it for a long time to come.

Fee:$40.00 per person


Saturday, 25th February 2023, 2 pm to 5.30 pm, Western Australian time

Where:The workshop is entirely online through Zoom.

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