Learn the essentials of meditation online and start meditation with ease and confidence. Experience the benefit in the first session.


Learn the essentials of meditation & start meditation immediately

2 online sessions from 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday, 17th and 24th April 2023( West Australia time)

Is stress affecting you and crippling your normal life, are you experiencing tension in your shoulders, neck or waist area, frequent headaches, dizziness, insomnia, overeating, low energy, feeling touchy with people around you, low levels of immunity, all this could be signs of chronic stress.

You have tried counselling, walking, running, gym, music, aroma therapy, eating chocolates, supplements or medication and still you seem to be affected by stress. Is this you?

Then this meditation workshop is for you. You will experience a feeling of serenity in the first session itself. Meditation is the seventh of the eight limbs of Yoga.

Learn the essentials of meditation and try ancient meditation practices that you can do throughout your life.

Learn what exactly is meditation and the steps towards meditation? How to use meditation to deal with the physical or mental issues that bother you.

Meditation can be practiced by both atheists and agnostics as well as theists. You can customize your meditation practice no matter what your belief system is. In these two sessions you fill find something that will resonate with you and your needs.

Benefits of the workshop to you are:

• Better able to handle stress

• Clearer understanding of what is Meditation.

• Understand Mindfulness based practices.

• Ability to handle stress, anxiety and depression, addictions.

• Ability to concentrate better on your day-to-day tasks.

• Increased mental and physical energy.

• Being mindful of the consequence of our actions

• Better hormonal health, and physical health

• Ability to manage and live with chronic health issues such as hypertension, thyroid, diabetes, MS and chronic pain.

• Teach you a framework for meditation to suit your belief system.

• Ability to formulate your own Meditation practice to fit your needs and time.

The workshop will cover the following topics.

• What is meditation (Dhyana)?

• One pointed Concentration (Dharana) before meditation

• What is not meditation?

• Why are there so many meditation practices?

• How to choose the practice that suits you

• How to start meditation

• Where does meditation take you in life?

• Any other questions you may have regarding meditation practice.

Who should attend:

Anyone interested in using Meditation to lead a stress free, balanced peaceful life.


$60 for both sessions (recommended to attend both sessions).


This is a 2-session online workshop, each session for 60 minutes, starts at 6.30pm to 7.30pm on Wednesday 17th May 2023 and Wednesday 24th May 2023. The times are West Australian time.


This workshop is conducted online using Zoom. You can join from wherever you are from the comfort of your home.

What should you have with you:

Have a Yoga mat or chair to sit on, cushion and drinking water, note paper and pen.

If you have any questions email us at sanatanayogaacademy@gmail.com or call Narendra on +61438496040 ( call on Whatsapp if you are outside of Australia)

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