300 million reasons why Yoga has to be part of your life.

300 million reasons why Yoga has to be part of your life.

The number of people doing Yoga was estimated to be 300million in 2019. Majority of Yoga practitioners have reported that their levels of stress have reduced after a few weeks of regular yoga practice. Furthermore, during the pandemic both yoga teachers and yoga practitioners realised that yoga workshops and yoga sessions can be held online through Zoom and similar platforms. 

Online Yoga Practice has been increasing at the rate of 12.6% per annum around the world. With the convenience of time and your own home you can do Online Yoga sessions as well as Online Yoga courses.

Feeling tired? Lethargic? That’s a typical modern human feeling. How can you reduce or remove fatigue from your life? Yoga is a natural, no drug, no fuss remedy that’s been around for thousands of years.

What does Yoga Practices do to you? They improve your Musculoskeletal health, Hormonal health, calms your nervous system, regulates your hormonal imbalances. At the mental and emotional level Yoga and meditation enhances your mood, reduces your stress, improves your memory, and reduces the chances of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia. The number of scientific papers extolling the benefits of yoga has increased exponentially in the last three decades. 

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