Another Name For Yoga

Another Name For Yoga

Yoga is actually known as Ashtanga Yoga because it consists of eight ( Ashta is eight)  Limbs( Anga is Limb). These eight limbs have to be practiced together to claim that you do Yoga Practices.  Doing Yoga Asanas while also practicing Meditation  (Dhyana), Mindfulness ( Dharana) and Prana Yama along with the other 4 limbs of Yoga qualifies you to be called a Yoga Practitioner.

The eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga  are.

Yama, restraint and practicing values.

Niyama, observance of discipline and cleanliness.

Asanaseat or posture (this is what most people call Yoga, but it is strictly to be called Yoga Asana);

Pranayama, mastering life force.

Pratyahara, control of senses.

Dharana, one pointed concentration; (this is Mindfulness)

Dhyana, Meditation.

And finally 

Samadhi, equanimity, unmoved by anything, realising that the eternal cosmic force(aka God by Theists) is within me, you, everyone, and everything

A mixed ethnicity group of men and woman practice different yoga forms and positions in a bright well lit studio. Here they hold Standing Forward Bend ( Uttanasana ). Square.

Whether you are considering Yoga for beginners or a Yoga Practitioner considering Yoga teacher training contact us to discuss your requirements.  If you need guidance on any aspcts of Yoga  visit us on or email me at or call our Founder Narendra  on +61438496040. If you are overseas or interstate, you can call Narendra on Whatsapp to save call charges


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