Can Yoga Practices help you in your fitness journey?

Can Yoga Practices help you in your fitness journey?

Dear folks aspiring to be fit, with so many avenues to become fit – HIIT, Yoga Practices, Gym, Body Balance, Pilates, Weights, Running etc- which one is best for you. Do you do one of them, all of them, some of them? Well, it is not a straightforward issue. A lot depends on what your objectives are in your fitness journey. Do you want to improve flexibility, muscle tone, bone density, metabolism, lose weight, gain cardio fitness, reduce stress, and increase your calmness, the list goes on.

In my personal practice, I do Yoga practices 6 days a week, twice a week running, medium weights, cross trainer, HIIT moves. It keeps my engine – at the mental and physical levels – running well. So always write down your goals, your medical issues and then speak to someone in the know at your local gym or yoga studio or perhaps both. Don’t forget to consult your doctor too, especially if you have medical issues or just recovering from operations, accidents, pregnancy, etc.

Also understand what benefits you derive from Gym activities, Running alongside the  Benefits of Yoga. With so much of information on Google or Bing you need to be selective about the source of information. Always read trusted sources which are scientific bodies or institutions and not marketing agencies trying to hard sell a product or process. 

When you do Yoga Asanas( postures ) it involves light and strong stretches which build muscle and cardio strength, and also produce anti stress hormones such as Dopamines and Endorphins. When you do Dharana Practices( one pointed concentration)  also called Mindfulness and Relaxation Practices you induce deep relaxation response which counters the stress hormones you produce when you get stressed by like. You can also get supper cardio fitness by sequencing Yoga Asanas to be done rapidly, synchronising your breath with your movements. Thus Yoga Practices have numerous benefits. 

Whether you ae looking for Beginners Yoga Sessions, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for experienced practitioners , Corporate Yoga for your employees, Yoga for Athletes in your sports team or on topics related to Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition, at Sanatana Yoga Academy we can formulate customised plans for you and deliver them as Live Yoga sessions or Online Yoga sessions and Online Workshops.  Visit us on or email me at or call our Founder Narendra  on +61438496040. If you are overseas or interstate, you can call Narendra on Whatsapp to save call charges.  


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