How can Yoga help your spiritual progress?

How can Yoga help your spiritual progress?

Yogis of India developed Yoga Practices for spiritual progress. They were aware that mental health and spiritual progress cannot be attained unless physical health was achieved first. This is why Yogis embarked on Yoga Asanas practice. The body is considered the boat that takes us across the ocean of life. If the boat springs a leak, we will be spending time bailing water out of the boat and trying to plug the leak in the boat rather than navigating the boat to it’s destination. Similarly, if we develop health issues we will not be able to focus on the higher purpose of human birth , viz Self Realisation. 

Yoga texts embody the ancient spiritual wisdom of India from the Vedas and Upanishads. The purpose of Human birth is said to be to realise the Unity in the Apparent Diversity we see around us. 

Humanity and nature is like a colourful bead necklace of multicoloured beads. 

We see each bead and see them as different from each other. What we do not see is the thread holding the beads together. Humanity and the entire has the thread of universal cosmic consciousness running through it.  Until we realise that the journey of birth and life will continue. When we realise that one entity pervades all we can cruise through life with equanimity. This is the state of Samadhi mentioned as the eighth limb of Yoga. State of Samadhi is achieving a state of equanimity, unruffled by the ups and downs of life.

Yoga Practices such as Dharana ( one Pointed Concentration), Meditation ( Dhyana) and Prana Yama all help in sense control and quelling the vagaries of the mind. As the agitations of the mind is laid low, the Universal Cosmic Consciousness encased within our body shines through making us inclusive citizens of this beautiful planet earth. To arrive at this state of higher awareness is called Self-realisation. Yoga practices bring you here irrespective of your caste reed, race, belief system, or body type. As you proceed on your yoga journey with the help of an experienced Yoga Guru you will find your stress reducing, negative emotions such as anger, ego, greed and jealousy dropping off from your mind. 

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