Master Hand And Foot Lock

Master Hand And Foot Lock

All those who are into practicing Yoga Asanas (postures), first thing you need to master are the Pada bandha (foot lock) and Hasta Bandha (hand lock). Pada bandha gives you the stable foundation in standing Yoga poses while relieving tension and pain in your feet. Hasta Bandha gives you the stability for poses where your palms and wrists bear weight (as in Downward facing dog pose or cat cow poses). Hasta Bandha when done properly will reduce the risk of wrist pain during Yoga. In addition, both these locks (bandhas) create energy flows in your feet and within your palms. Master them both for a grounded and safe practice.

Learn about foot lock( Pada Bandha) for standing Yoga asanas( postures) , watch this video;

Learn about hand lock ( Hasta Bandha) to avoid wrist injuries during Yoga Asanas( postures) , watch this video:

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