Monkey Mind Can Cause A Lot Of Stress

Monkey Mind Can Cause A Lot Of Stress

During my youth, I used to go to jungles with my father to catch monkeys alive. (Why we did this is another story). We take a coconut, make a hole at the top, drink the coconut water, then fill the coconut with roast peanuts (you can smell the aroma for hundreds of meters in a jungle). The coconut is nailed to a plank in the ground. The hole is barely large enough for the monkey’s hand to fit through and grab the peanuts. Monkeys will come and grasp the peanuts with a clenched fist, and now, its hand is too big to pull out. Yes, the monkey could easily release itself by releasing the food and yanking out its hand. However, the iron grip of attachment, greed, and desire for the peanuts keeps the hand clenched. The monkey is trapped by nothing more than his own unwillingness to let go. All we had to do was throw a fishing net over the screaming money and bundle it into a waiting cage.

This is a powerful example ofhow  we get stuck and trapped with our “peanuts” in life. We are trapped by a strongly held belief, rigid idea, opinion of someone, lust, jealousy, ego, or desire that keeps us frozen in place and or time. In addition to feeling stuck and trapped, we may experience feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. This can lead to anxiety or depression. Fortunately, you can learn how to let go of your “peanuts” in life which a monkey caught in a trap does not know: The secret to getting free from almost any anxiety-producing trap or unbending belief system is simply learning to let go of it. This is where Yoga Practices come to your help.

Dharana (called Mindfulness in modern parlance) and Meditation (Dhyana), coupled with Yoga Asanas( physical postures) and Energy Control through controlling of breath(  Prana Yama) can all help. Numerous scientific publications now attest to the efficacy of these ancient techniques.

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