PROOF Yoga benefits life

PROOF Yoga benefits life

The volume of scientific evidence on the Benefits of Yoga keeps mounting day by day.

Joint studies using MRI techniques to scan the brain by University of Illinois and Wayne State University in USA has found that Yoga enhances many of the same brain structures & functions that benefit from aerobic exercise. Professor Jessica Damoiseaux says ” we see increases in the volume of the hippocampus with Yoga practice” . Hippocampus is involved in memory processing and is known to shrink with age. It is also the structure that is first affected in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease as reported by Prof. Gothe in the journal of Brain Plasticity.

This study involved Yoga asanas( postures), Breathing techniques and Meditation practice in the Hatha Yoga tradition.

Breathing techniques is the first thing you need to learn. There are various breathing techniques but all of them are not suitable for people who did not lead a rigorous monastic life style. Learn deep Yogic breathing first , this is what modern medical science calls Diaphragm breathing. After this learn Prana Yama techniques which are sometimes (wrongly) called breathing techniques. With prana yama also get guidance as to which to do and which toa void depending on your lifestyle, and medical issues. 

Meditation is an ancient practice that is an integral part of Yoga. Meditation requires a Meditator and an object of meditation.  Before you start of Meditation, learn DharanaOne pointed concentration– practices.  This is what is called Mindfulness in modern psychology.

Meditation helps you to first become aware of what’s going on in your mind and then to tame your mind and bring it under the control of your intellect, called Buddi in Sanskrit. Instead of the mind running you, you run your mind. This gives you the ability to stay centred and focused regardless of the circumstances. Yoga and meditation help you cope with the challenges of life both mentally and physically while maintaining your integrity and peace of mind. They increase self-awareness and self-actualisation, by enabling you to understand your feelings and focus on a positive outlook, manage your energy and better understand your inner-self. They also help you become aware of your strengths, weaknesses and limitations. 

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