So What is Yoga?

So What is Yoga?

So you have commonly heard that Yoga is about stretching. Is this all that Yoga is? Well, the Stretching aspect is called Yoga Asanas ( or postures). This could perhaps be considered the first step, helping you to sit, lie down or stand comfortably. But there are seven other limbs to Yoga Practices.

Yoga is also actually known as Ashtanga Yoga because it consists of eight ( Ashta is eight)  Limbs( Anga is Limb). The eight limbs are.

  • Yama: restraint and practicing values.
  • Niyama: observance of discipline and cleanliness.
  • Asana: seat or posture (this is what most people call Yoga, but it is strictly to be called Yoga Asana);
  • Pranayama: mastering life force ( which is called Prana).
  • Pratyahara:  control of senses.
  • Dharana: one pointed concentration; (this is Mindfulness)
  • Dhyana: Meditation.
  • and finally
  • Samadhi: equanimity, unmoved by anything, realising that the eternal cosmic force(aka God by Theists) is within me , you, everyone. and everything in creation  

Thus, Yoga can be practiced by theists, agnostics, or atheists,

What I wish to ask you is how many of these Limbs are you familiar with, and how many of the limbs do we strive to practice.

I will be writing a series of short articles in this section on each of the eight limbs. It is important to practice all the limbs if you want health and peace in your life.

You are never too old to start Yoga practices. So why not commence your Yoga journey with Sanatana Yoga Academy. If you want to discuss more on Beginners Yoga, Seniors Yoga or Advanced Yoga Practices visit us on or email Narendra at

While waiting on the articles I want you to learn how to breathe effectively by Deep Abdominal breathing.  Check the link below and learn to breathe by deep abdominal breathing.

Watch this video to know about breathing, before starting your Yoga practice.


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