Stress And Chronic Diseases

Stress And Chronic Diseases

Do you know that stress when not dealt with can lead to obesity, memory problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, heart disease and depression!!

This is the findings of several surveys around the globe. Regardless of age, sex, ethnicity and religion, no one is immune to the burdens of stress. Statistics demonstrate the widespread prevalence of stress of mind. The Global Organization for Stress reports that:

  • 75 percent of Americans and 91% of Australians have experienced moderate to high stress levels in the recent times
  • Stress is the number one health concern of high school students
  • 80 percent of people feel stress at work
  • About 450,000 workers in Britain believe their stress was making them ill
  • 86 percent of Chinese workers reporting stress

Constant exposure to stress can cause physical problems such as headaches, constipation, diarrhea, chest pain, insomnia, and grinding teeth. Left unchecked, stress can increase a person’s risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. It’s also thought to play a role in autoimmune disease,” says Carolyn M. Mazure, PhD, a Yale Medicine psychologist and director of Women’s Health Research at Yale. 


If you are part of these statistics, we are here to help you

While short term stress could boost your performance – studying late night for exams or running fast when chased by a dog – long term stress called Chronic Stress can literally kill you. !!! Obesity, addictions, hypertension, thyroid, dizziness, diabetes are some symptoms of chronic stress.  It is important to be able to recognise the symptoms of stress and the related behaviour patterns. Tightness in shoulder and neck areas, tendency to eat without being hungry, irritability, lack of motivation are some signs. Talk with your GP and your GP can advise on various mental health plans available. Regular practice of Yoga Asanas (postures), Breath Control techniques (Prana Yama) and Meditation helps in dealing with life stress.

If you want to manage your stress through Yoga Practices, contact us . You can try our online course  “Stress to Serenity – Reinvent your life through Yoga Practices”  


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