Two of the eight limbs of Yoga

Two of the eight limbs of Yoga

Two of the eight limbs of Yoga by Sage Patanjali are Dharana (one pointed Concentration) and Dhyana ( meditation). Dharana is essential for Dhyana to succeed. Therefore, we need to practice Dharana and develop one pointed concentration first. This is what Mindfulness is all about. Keeping the mind where it ought to be at the present moment – be it cutting vegetables, cooking, eating, walking, reading, breathing, gym work or yoga asanas. 

Meditation ( Dhyana in Sanskrit) requires a Meditator and an Obhect of meditation. Dhyana (meditation) occurs when the Meditator, the object of meditation and the process of meditation all merge into one.  The object of meditation can be Light, a Form you adore (be it Jesus, Krishna, Buddha or Rama, what ever ) or a name you adore and any other object (Mountain, Lake, etc) or just focusing on the Love in your heart.

There are numerous procedures to commence a Dharana practice. Do not be misled by some who promise various outcomes and mental states, seeing colours and visions. Just start on it and your experience is the best guide. Find a good teacher who will guide to on your path. If you need guidance on meditation practices or just looking for Beginners Yoga Sessions, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for experienced practitioners , Corporate Yoga for your employees, Yoga for Athletes in your sports team or on topics related to Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition, at Sanatana Yoga Academy we can formulate customised plans for you and deliver them as Live Yoga sessions or Online Yoga sessions and Online Workshops.  Visit us on or email me at or call our Founder Narendra  on +61438496040. If you are overseas or interstate, you can call Narendra on Whatsapp to save call charges. 


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