Vegan And Vegetarian Food

Vegan And Vegetarian Food

There has been so much attention on vegan or vegetarian food in the past decade. Several institutions around the world have concluded that vegan food will greatly reduce the water used for agriculture, reduce emissions, and improve health. Apart from the water use reduction the land required to produce vegetable protein such as legumes and pulses is a lot more less than the land required for meat production, especially beef production. It makes very good environmental sense to be vegetarian or vegan and save water and land use which in turn will reduce the need for deforestation. 

From Yoga Practices point of view a vegetarian diet is recommended to reduce suffering of other beings (Ahimsa). This is not all, the mental and physical health aspects are also improved. There is ample evidence that meat eating increases the risk of cancer. The gross component of the food we eat – calories, vitamins, minerals etc – nourish the body. However, all food has an energy of vibration component as well. The energy or vibration component of food reaches the Mind of the consumer. Energy associated with meat is of anger, sadness, pain, mental agitation and anxiety. When the animal is killed irrespective of whether stunned with a stun gun prior to killing or Kosher or Halal method the animal secrets large amounts of stress hormones. The consumer imbibes these hormones into his body. Animal qualities are also imbibed by consumption of meat products. Compared to these vegetarian foods and vegan foods – fruits, grains, leaves, legumes – all have calming (Satwic) energy. 

Thus, meat eating will affect our mental energies adversely leading the increased chances of mental agitation and anxiety.

The documentary The Game Changer on Netflix has brought more scientific information to the fore supporting plant-based diets.  It is important to know where to get your essential nutrients if you do go vegetarian or vegan.  The good news is you can find all your nutritional needs from plant-based diets without depending on animal products or manufactured supplements.

Sanatana Yoga Academy suggests the Netflix documentary “The Game Changer” 

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