What does Yoga mean? Embrace yoga and realize who you are.

What does Yoga mean? Embrace yoga and realize who you are.

Let’s start with the meaning of the word Yoga, it means Communion or Unite. The Yogis of ancient India sought communion with God and realized that God was within us as our inner divinity or Soul. Thus, Yoga practitioners if guided properly will realize that divinity is embodied in them and in everyone and everything around them. Let’s give some thought to what these Yoga practices are.

When you attend Yoga Sessions , you generally get involved in a lot of forward and beck bends, twists and may be also inversions where you raise your leg above your chest or head. You might have searched for “Yoga near me” on Google and found your yoga studio. Have you ever thought of asking your yoga teacher what doe the word Yoga mean? You will be in for a surprise. Yoga has Eight Limbs. When all eight limbs are understood and practiced you will realise the goal of Yoga.

The Eight limbs of Yoga were codified or collated by Sage Patanjali for our benefit. However, Yoga existed even before Sage Patanjali. It is essential for every Yoga practitioner to understand the eight limbs and strive to practice them. The Yoga teacher also has a responsibility to impart the knowledge of the eight limbs to their students. This can be done through workshops or during the regular Yoga asanas (poses) session where some time can be allocated to discuss the eight limbs of Yoga and how they help us in life. The Eight limbs are named Yama( Love of God and practice human values), Niyama( Practice purity in all aspects of life) , Asanas (steady posture of the body and the mind) , Prana Yama( balancing inner energy flows ) , Prathyahara ( sense control), Dharana( one pointed concentration) , Dhyana( meditation) , Samadhi( state of equanimity). I will dwell on each of these in some of my future workshops and blogs.
It is also interesting that scientific research over the last 50 years is also strongly endorsing the physical and mental benefits of Yoga, especially in reducing stress and improving health.


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