What Is Yoga In A Nutshell – Bend The Body, Mend The Senses, End The Mind

What Is Yoga In A Nutshell – Bend The Body, Mend The Senses, End The Mind

Many times people have asked me what Yoga is all about. There is a common notion or perception that yoga is a physical culture. Well, the eight limbs of yoga expounded by Sage Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras ( Yoga aphorisms) is far more expansive than just being a physical culture. The eight limbs of Yoga give you a way of life to live in harmony with yourself, family, community, nature, and the universe irrespective of whether you are an atheist or a theist. The Eight Limbs of Yoga compiled by Sage Patanjali can be summarised thus,

“Bend the body, Mend the senses, and End the mind “ as my teacher Sathya Sai Baba always says.

Bend the body and achieve physical health – by yoga Asanas (or postures)

Mend the senses – by Yama(values), Niyama( purity), Prathyahara( sense control), Prana Yama ( controlling your life energy or Prana), Dharana( one-pointed concentration), Dhyana ( meditation)

End the mind (quelling the agitations of the Mind) – by Samadhi (equanimity)

Why start with the body first? it is the vessel that contains our mind, breath, senses, and Soul. This “boat” is the vessel that carries us across the raging ocean of life, if the boat springs a leak, we will not be able to journey to our destination safely. We will be constantly occupied with bailing the water from the boat rather than steering the boat towards our destination. Therefore, keep your boat in shipshape by proper thoughts, proper food, proper deeds and follow the 8 limbs of Yoga in your life irrespective of whether you are an atheist, or believer of any faith. This will lead to the quelling of the agitations of the mind or Samadhi in Yoga terminology.


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