Where Does Yoga Take You In Life

Where Does Yoga Take You In Life

Many scientific studies have validated the benefits of yoga and have reported reduction in blood pressure, reduced blood sugar, reduced anxiety as some of the several benefits. 

We often use the word Yoga, and say  “ I am into Yoga”, “I am attending a Yoga Class ”, I am a Yoga teacher” are some common phrases you hear. What is the meaning of the word Yoga? What is the result of Yoga?

Yoga in Sanskrit means Re- Union with God. . But then who is God? and where is God.? God is the eternal cosmic energy / consciousness of Unconditional Love. This energy is within us as the Soul, so merging means realising that I am not the Mind and it’s vagaries, I am the Soul and so are very thing in Creation (not just humans).

Samadhi is the goal of Yoga, sometimes Samadhi is seen as merging with God upon death. Now looking at the practical side of Samadhi in day-to-day life, Samadhi is a combination of two words, viz Sama + Buddhi. Sama means – equal or unchanging, Buddhi – means thought or Mind/ intellect. Thus, Samadhi means maintaining Equanimity come what may be, it’s as simple as this. If we can see all and everything as from the same source, Samadhi can be attained. In Yoga, Asanas (postures) is the first step towards this. All the eight limbs of Yoga must be practiced regularly to achieve peace and calmness in our lives. 

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