Workshop List

Some of the topics of workshops held in the past and in planning are listed below. The workshops are done Live (in person or on Zoom) or Online as pre- recorded sessions. Whether you in Australia looking for “Yoga workshops near me” or you are overseas anywhere in the Globe looking for “Online Yoga Workshops” you can hopefully find us and benefit from our offerings

Yoga fundamentals

Here we explain what Yoga is, the definition of Yoga, what we achieve by practicing Yoga in our life. What are the eight different limbs of Yoga. How Yoga helps you in your life irrespective of your faith, culture or physical condition

Essentials of Prana Yama

In this 3-hour workshop, Here we explain What Prana Yama is, the benefits of Prana Yam and the essential Prana Yama practices to follow in our life.

Practice Relaxation in 10 minutes

In this 2 hour workshop we share with you what is Relaxation practice and give you some relaxation techniques that will take 5 to 10 minutes along with the required scripts and audios. You will learn the basics of what Relaxation practices are, their benefits, what practices to avoid and why.

Mindfulness practice in Yoga

In this 3 hour workshop you will study Dharana ( one pointed Concentration ) practices. Dharana is one of the eight limbs of Yoga. Without understanding Dharana and learning to do Dharana it will not be possible to proceed and succeed in Dhyana (meditation). Dharna is what is called as Mindfulness in modern day psychology or stress therapy terminology.

Yoga for Stress management

In this 3 hour workshop we share some Yoga practices that can help you stay calm at times of stress be it stress from work, family or other sources.

Learn how to do Yogic Breathing

This 2-hour workshop is for all who want to live healthily. This workshop is a must for every human being from children to adults. Whether you are physically fit athlete or physically unfit person or if you suffer from hypertension, acid reflux you must learn Yogic breathing throughout the day until your death

Prana Yama practice A to Z

In this 8 hour workshop we explain what Prana Yama practice is, what are the benefits of Prana yama and cover all for Yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers

Yoga Nidra

This 2 hour workshop you will learn to how to enter a state of deep relaxation using the ancient Yoga Nidra technique. We will also teach you variations and addons for this technique and how you can tailor your yoga Nidra practice to 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute session depending on your time availability. How to use Yoga Nidra to manage pain, release trauma also will be taught

How and what is Meditation

In this 8-hour workshop we discuss all you need to know about meditation, what is meditation what is not Meditation and how to do meditation, benefits of meditation and how to avoid pitfalls in meditation.