Start date to be advised, email us( sanatanayogaacademy@gmail.com)  or call us ( +61438496040)  to express your interest 

We share with you what Yoga is as and an overview of the Eight Limbs or Paths of Yoga as outlined by Sage Patanjali around 200BC. Learn how you can practice Yoga to be an inclusive citizen of the world with minimal impact on fellow beings and nature, thus achieving a truly sustainable lifestyle.  An amazing legacy to leave for our children and future generations. come along with your family and clear your doubts and get first-hand information from experienced Yoga practitioners.

The benefits of this workshop are:

  1. A stronger understanding of Yoga
  2.  Importance of physical, mental, and spiritual health
  3. Learn how to apply Yoga to reduce tension and life conflicts
  4.  How to find the time to add Yoga to your daily life


Who should attend: Anyone interested in finding out how Yoga practice can help you in life.

Fee: Free

When: TBA

Where: 5, Janter Close, Willetton WA 6155 ( parking on driveway and lawn or at end of cul-de-sac)

For registration, Call + 61 438 496 040 or email sanatanayogaacademy@gmail.com

What should you bring: Bring a yoga mat, water to drink and a towel