Online Courses

Online Courses

With the advent of online learning technology, wherever you are in this beautiful planet earth we all call home, you can enjoy the Benefits of Yoga from the comfort of your home at your own time convenience by enrolling for our online yoga courses.

All our online courses are pre – recorded and available to purchasers to study at their time and at their home or workplace. The option to request face to face sessions to clarify matters through emails or calls is also available for purchasers.

If you are the type who would like to also get some one to one yoga sessions and one to one coaching you can contact us to arrange these sessions using Zoom or similar platform. The recent Covid pandemic has made us all realise that connecting with people online for learning, teaching or just socialising is practical and easy. At Sanatana Yoga Academy, you can find some of the Best Online Yoga Classes and Online Yoga Courses for beginners and experienced practitioners.

We offer our Online Yoga Courses from Australia to anyone around the world. These online Yoga training courses are some of the most Affordable Yoga courses with all five-star reviews from Clients amongst Yoga Courses in Australia.

Whatever the reason you are seeking online learning on Yoga related topics, you will find topics of interest in our online Yoga courses and online yoga workshops. A cross section of some topics on Yoga that are in the pipeline and might be of interest to you are Yoga for stress, Yoga for diabetes, Yoga for back pain, Yoga for thyroid, Yoga for hypertension, Yoga fundamentals, Prana Yama practice, Mindfulness, Meditation, Food for health,

Perhaps you are from the Human Resources division of a company, or an organisation looking to arrange for Corporate Yoga, or you are an individual looking for Yoga Sessions near you or Yoga workshops near you for your personal development, please send us your suggestion on topics or your questions here and we will arrange an online workshop on Yoga, Health or Wellbeing and to suit your interests.

Two Relaxation Practices

Discover two relaxation scripts that will help you feel the positive energy of sharing and love. Download these scripts instantly and enjoy!

Stress to Serenity

Learn how to beat stress without spending thousands of $ and tons of hours with counsellors and “GO FROM STRESS TO SERENITY IN LIFE BY EMBRACING YOGA PRACTICES”