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Sanatana Yoga Academy conducts Live yoga sessions, at our studios in Willetton, West Australia.

In addition to the above Yoga sessions, we conduct live Yoga retreats and Live yoga workshops at our studio or at different venues around Australia and overseas

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Until the Covid pandemic, Live Yoga events would have meant coming to a venue, meeting the presenter, and taking part in person. You would normally search Google or Bing for Yoga near me or Yoga workshop near me or perhaps Yoga workshops near me.

Post-pandemic, with the advent of platforms like Zoom where people can connect live remotely, or Live streaming on Facebook, the word Live events in Yoga has taken a new meaning, it means in-person yoga sessions, in-person yoga workshops as well as virtual Yoga sessions and virtual Yoga workshops through Zoom, Facebook Live streaming or Webinars on Yoga all done as real-time Yoga workshops or real-time yoga session where the presenter and the attendees are facing each other albeit remotely.

While there are pros and cons of in-person sessions and virtual sessions it all depends on the preferences of the individual. Therefore, at Sanatana Yoga Academy, we offer both in-person sessions as well as virtual sessions and workshops as part of our Live Yoga events. This means anyone around the globe can have access to our Live Yoga events provided they take heed of the time differences in the zones they live in.

Here are some of our Live events.

Perhaps you are from the HR division of a company, or any organisation looking for Corporate Yoga, or you are an individual looking for Yoga Sessions or Yoga workshops for your personal development, please send us your suggestions on topics or your questions here and we will arrange a live Workshop on Yoga, Health and Wellbeing to suit your interests.

Featured Courses

Workshops on yoga

These sessions are for those who want to practice Asanas (postures) to be fit, flexible, and healthy and develop discipline and a healthy lifestyle. Sessions cater to beginners, seniors as well as experienced yoga practitioners. Group sessions, as well as one-to-one sessions, are offered.

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Yoga Teacher Training

Teaching Yoga is such a rewarding thing to do. Sanatana Yoga will teach you ‘Real Yoga’ so you become aware of your own needs, and then empower others. We offer several ways in a modular format to learn all facets of yoga and then practice it in your life and become a Yoga Teacher.

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Yoga Asana (Postures) Sessions

Yoga has eight limbs or Paths as expounded by Sage Patanjali thousands of years ago. Asanas or physical postures are what you commonly practice in most Yoga classes. At Sanatana Yoga Academy we share and explore all the eight paths of Yoga through workshops. These workshops are done face-to-face or online to suit the needs of clients.

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