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Do you struggle with breathing, feeling blocked in your lungs and nostrils, experience frequent sinus attacks and tire easily, prone to depression and anxiety, difficulty falling asleep, having hypertension, difficulty losing weight despite exercise,  or are you an athlete wanting to enhance your cardio fitness and concentration. Then learn the basics of breathing and how to apply breath control techniques to improve physical and mental health. Prana Yama means controlling our life energy through breath control. Our Bio Energy (Prana) can be balanced and regulated by breath control. This results in a calmer mind and a healthy body. Learn the various Prana Yama techniques that are applicable for different health situations. They are even more relevant in this modern age of automation, material wealth, stress and ill-health.

Benefits of Prana Yama are:

  1. Refreshes and makes the body feel light.
  2. Reduces issues with hypertension.
  3. Increases and strengthens lung capacity & Reduces respiratory issues.
  4. Improves digestion.
  5. Removes toxins from the body and stimulates the excretory system.
  6. Maintains healthy skin tone and reduces acne issues.
  7. Stimulates the hormonal system in the body and enhances mood and the nervous system.
  8. Stimulates and energizes the nervous system.
  9. Therapy for problems related to high blood pressure, allergic rhinitis, vasomotor rhinitis, sinusitis, recurrent infections of the upper respiratory tract, chronic headaches, migraine, peptic ulcers, and anxiety.

What does the workshop cover:

The workshop covers the following topics:

  • Basics of breathing
  • Relationship with breathing and mental health
  • Various types of Prana Yama techniques and when to apply.
  • Dos and don’ts of Prana Yama techniques
  • Any other questions raised by attendees.

Who should attend:

Anyone interested in improving your mental and physical health by breath control.


$25.00 per person for both sessions(recommend attending both sessions)


2 sessions of 2 hours each, starting Saturday, 19th June 3 pm to 5 pm and Saturday, 26th June 3 pm to 5 pm


5, Janter Close, Willetton WA 6155 (parking on driveway and lawn)

For registration:

Call + 61 438 496 040 or email

(pre-registration is essential, casual walk-in attendees will not be accepted)

 What should you bring: Bring a yoga mat, drinking water, and a towel.

An online version of the workshop on Zoom can be arranged wherever you are in the world if you cannot attend face-to-face sessions. Email us to express your interest.