Keep Up With Yoga

Keep Up With Yoga

Do your yoga practices consistently, it strengthens your body and cardiovascular system, calms your mind, improves your hormonal health, improves your internal organ function and drainage of your lymphatic system. You can start on your Yoga journey at any age and proceed at your pace, at your limit of stretch and twist.

Some benefits of regular Yoga practices are:

Improved Bone density – because you lift your own weight, strengthening both your muscles and bones.

Immunity improved: Movement of the limbs in Yoga postures increases the drainage of lymph fluids.  This supports the lymphatic system in fighting infection, destroys cancerous cells and disposes of toxic waste in your body.

Relaxes Your Body and breath: Yoga gives you time to stretch and relax, slow down your breathing and help you focus on the present. This will release stress, lower your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure making you feel rejuvenated after every class.

So, the secret is to practice Yoga consistently at least 5 times a week. With Yoga available as Live Yoga sessions or online Yoga sessions it is quite easy to fit yoga into your schedules and practice Yoga from your home.Whether you ae looking for Beginners Yoga Sessions, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for experienced practitioners , Corporate Yoga for your employees, Yoga for Athletes in your sports team or on topics related to Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition, at Sanatana Yoga Academy we can formulate customised plans for you and deliver them as Live Yoga sessions or Online Yoga sessions and Online Workshops.  Visit us on or email me at or call our Founder Narendra  on +61438496040. If you are overseas or interstate, you can call Narendra on Whatsapp to save call charges. 


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