Stress from Yoga point of View and How Yoga can help you..

Stress from Yoga point of View and How Yoga can help you..

We hear the terms Stress, Anxiety, and Depression often among adults and young alike. Stress is not something that is imposed on us by others or external events. It is an internal response from our mind when situations arise around us. Can Yoga Practices help in modifying our stress? 

If yes, how do we go about this? How can Yoga for Stress help you? What are the benefits of Yoga reported by the scientific fraternity? 

Today, I will briefly outline, where stress, anxiety and depression originate from, what it does to our body, what does doctors and therapists offer to deal with stress and how does yoga practices help you beat your stress. 

Be clear, stress is originating from our Mind in response to events unfolding around us. We may not be able to always change the events or individuals associated with us at family, community, workplace levels. But we can change the way our Mind chooses to respond to the situations as the ups and downs of life unfolds around us. This requires training the Mind. We utilise a power higher and powerful than the Mind to achieve this. This power is found within us and not outside us. Whoever your therapist is he or she should help you with this mind training using the internal higher powers or instruments. When the Mind dwells on the past , even if the past was pleasant, when it returns to the present it will experience depression because it realises the pleasant past is not here now. On the other hand, if the past was unpleasant dwelling on it will cause further depression, anger, enmity, hatred and similar feelings. All these feeling will agitate our mind and then the nervous system which in turn will upset our hormonal flows leading to many ailments.  .

If the Mind jumps to the future and pays out scenarios of what if  negative outcomes are experienced? Ex. What if I fail my exam, what if I don’t pass my driving test? What if I do not succeed in my dream job interview? the list goes on and on. Then we produce feeling of anxiety. restlessness and again the mind is agitated and then the nervous system gets agitated.

If we can train the mind to dwell on the present ( called Dharana in Yoga and Mindfulness by modern psychotherapists) then we avoid depression and anxiety

The brain waves emanating from us also change from Beta waves to Alpha or Theta waves when we train our mind and engage in relaxation practices. More on this can be found here

. The body produces much less stress hormones and therefore physical and mental health improves along with your stress resilience.

Therapists say to deal with Stress work at Body, Mind, Emotions and Senses level. 

My teacher Sri Sathya Sai Baba says, “Bend your Body, Mend Your Senses and End your Mind”. 

Yoga practices offer one of the most efficient approach to do just this and this is why even scientists have now endorsed Yoga for Stress.  Several studies around the world has found out that most people reported reduced stress levels, more better emotional balance, enhanced feeling of wellbeing, lower blood pressure and many other benefits. 

I have brought together science and yoga to give you one of the most unique online courses to help you beat your stress. Learn more about this course “Stress to Serenity – Reinvent your life through Yoga Practices” here,  . 

I am very confident that the benefits of this course will be felt by you within a few weeks, so much so I have offered a 12 months money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. 

Yours truly

Narendra Nathan


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