UN Declares International Day Of Yoga, 21st June, Focussing On Yoga For Wellbeing

UN Declares International Day Of Yoga, 21st June, Focussing On Yoga For Wellbeing

What is Yoga and why does the whole world celebrate it?

Hello and a warm welcome to all yoga teachers and Yoga aspirants and practitioners, I am Narendra, the founder of Sanatana Yoga Academy (SYA for short). Today is 21st June and is the International Day of Yoga declared by the United Nations. Recognizing the universal appeal of Yoga, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga by resolution 69/131.

Today Yoga practices can be found in various forms around the world and continues to grow in popularity.

Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of your body and your consciousness. In simple terms, you become aware that you are not your mind, but your consciousness and so is everyone else.

The message of Yoga in promoting both the physical and mental well-being of humanity has never been more relevant. A growing trend of people around the world embracing Yoga Practices to stay healthy and rejuvenated and to fight social isolation and depression has been witnessed during the pandemic. Yoga Practices are also playing a significant role in the psycho-social care and rehabilitation of COVID-19 patients in quarantine and isolation. It is particularly helpful in allaying their fears and anxiety. The International Day of Yoga aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of Yoga.

Yoga is commonly seen as a physical culture of bending and twisting. Yoga is a lot more than that. When the Eight Limbs of Yoga practices are understood and practiced, it can propel you towards improved physical and mental health, calmness, fortitude, equanimity and enable you to live in harmony with your inner self, family, community, and the environment.

At Sanatana Yoga Academy we strive to share the teachings of all the eight limbs of Yoga to all those who wish to learn Yoga in a holistic manner.

We start with physical Postures called Yoga Asanas in  Yoga terminology, because we need a healthy body to travel through life with mental ease. It is said that the Body is the boat that helps you cross the raging ocean of life, with your mind and it’s agitations as the cargo, your intellect as the rudder. Imagine if the boat springs a leak, we will forever be busy bailing out water from the boat rather than steering it across the sea. This the reason why we need to keep our body healthy. Without physical health, mental health and spiritual progress cannot be attained.  So, start your journey with Asanas and proceed into the other limbs such as Prana Yama which means controlling your inner energies by breath control, Dharna which is one pointed concentration or Mindfulness, and progressing to Meditation or Dhyana. Along with this will come the other limbs of practicing human values, Discipline and cleanliness of thought, word and deed, and Sense control. With regular practice we evolve as beings in harmony with everything and everyone around us and living with equanimity in our life.

We share these aspects through regular sessions, special workshops, online sessions, you tube videos and social media posts.

The International Day of Yoga 2021 focuses on “Yoga for well-being” – how the practice of Yoga can promote the holistic health of every individual. We at Sanatana Yoga Academy have lined up several workshops to promote awareness of physical and mental health.

Can Yoga help with chronic conditions:

My passion is to use my knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda which is the ancient Indian life or health science and modern scientific findings to help those with chronic conditions such as hyper tension, diabetes, thyroid, acidity, stress, anxiety, obesity, chronic pain and auto immune conditions. I utilize my engineering and research training to systematically integrate the above-mentioned areas to help those experiencing chronic issues.  This passion is what motivated me to set up Sanatana Yoga academy and serve the community in Australia and worldwide. 

You can contact us through our website https://sanatanayoga.com.au/  or look us up on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sanatanayogaacademy or email us sanatanayogaacademy@gmail.com

I wish you all abundance, good health peace and happiness in your life.

Thank you and namaste

Narendra Nathan


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