Are You Feeling STRESSED?

Are You Feeling STRESSED?

With the natural calamities, wars and pandemics that are happening to all of us right now, anger, stress and anxiety seems to be rampant.  Stress will impact on your overall health and is known to be the cause of many major illnesses.

Meditation is an antidote to stress, just as an aspirin can counter a headache. Regular meditation can be a major boost to health. It calms the nervous system and it’s good for the immune system and your heart. Meditation helps produce nitric oxide in the arteries, dilating them and reducing blood pressure and smooths heart rhythms.

Thanks to an explosion of brain research by neuroscientists we now know that prolonged Stress termed Chronic stress also physically impacts our gray matter.

With the right type of meditation our brain paths can be rewired, contrary to old beliefs that as we age the brain functions are “cast in concrete”. This is now conclusively revealed through studies in Harvard and many other research institutions. Studies in Denmark show that the gray matter of those who meditate does not shrink and infact grows.

The volume of our gray matter normally reduces as we get older and this is what the scientists found in the group of non-meditators. But for the meditators, their gray matter hadn’t reduced with age. According to the scientists, meditation had a ‘neuroprotective’ effect on the meditators: It protected the brain from some of the effects of aging.

At this time in our lives, yoga and mediation will work hand in hand to keep you less stressed, reduce anxiety and look after your heart and boost your immune system.

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