Everyone can do Yoga and enjoy Benefits of Yoga

Everyone can do Yoga and enjoy Benefits of Yoga

Have you ever felt daunted when you attended a Yoga Asanas (postures) session? Did you see others bending and twisting away while you were struggling to touch your toes? Have you said to yourself  “Mine is not a Yoga body, I have tires around my waist, my shoulders are stiff, I will never be able to do Yoga”.  Do not despair or lose confidence. Everyone can do yoga and enjoy benefits of Yoga 

There is no such thing as a Yoga body. Yoga is not about having a perfect body. It is about working on your body and not be concerned about what others do. You start slowly and gently with appropriate Yoga postures (Asanas), build up your flexibility, balance, strength, concentration, and self-confidence. As you proceed at your own pace, your self-confidence will increase many folds, breathing will improve, internal organ functions will improve, and your bio energy (prana) gets balanced. This will manifest as several physiological, physical, and mental changes within yourself.

You can be overweight, thin, medium build, short, tall  or on a wheel chair,  it doesn’t matter. Anyone with a body can do Yoga. You start with gentle Yoga Asanas first. With this progress you will feel empowered, and eventually you will be completely motivated. Thus yoga gives you self-confidence and self-empowerment. You can also engage in Dharana ( one pointed Concentration) or Mindfulness practices, Meditation and Prana Yama to get a more Holistic Yoga Practice

There is no need to do or master hundreds of Yoga poses , learn a few that suits your Yoga Practice, and your inner energy balances, learn how to do Prana Yama and Meditation Practices and create your self-care time for your mental and physical health. Whether you ae looking for Chair Yoga, Beginners Yoga Sessions, Seniors Yoga, Yoga for experienced practitioners , Corporate Yoga for your employees, Yoga for Athletes in your sports team or on topics related to Health, Wellbeing and Nutrition, at Sanatana Yoga Academy we can formulate customised plans for you and deliver them as Live Yoga sessions or Online Yoga sessions and Online Workshops.  Visit us on www.sanatanayoga.com.au or email me at  sanatanayogaacademy@gmail.com or call our Founder Narendra  on +61438496040. If you are overseas or interstate, you can call Narendra on Whatsapp to save call charges. 


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