Is losing weight a challenge for you? Know where to start your journey first.

Is losing weight a challenge for you? Know where to start your journey first.

Have you noticed some people find it hard to put on weight, while some find it difficult to shed weight. Are you one of those who struggle to lose weight despite strict diets? Do not despair, It is the approach that has to be changed. It is all in your bio energies and their imbalance called Doshas in Ayurveda (the ancient Indian Science of Life). Before you plan your diet or activities, it is most useful to assess your Doshas and then understand how your mind tends to body and behave under different situations especially under stress, during the change of seasons or through the day. Then eat accordingly, exercise accordingly and even choose your relaxation techniques accordingly.

Therefore, if you want to lose weight and get healthy start by knowing your Dosha, plan your weight loss journey from this baseline and feel the difference. Learn the 4 Steps to Lose weight Permanently using your Dosha as the starting point and addressing the 4 key factors – Stress, Mind, Activity and Food.  

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