What Is Yoga and where will Yoga Practices take Me in my life?

What Is Yoga and where will Yoga Practices take Me in my life?

Yoga is not just physical postures( called Yoga Asanas in Sanskrit), a Yoga practitioner has to be familiar with the eight limbs of Yoga and their requirements. Practicing the eight limbs of Yoga leads to physical and mental health but also enables the ability to handle the ups and downs of life ( without mental stress, anger, jealousy, lust, greed, miserliness and ego( state of equanimity).

Yoga Asanas ( postures) go hand in hand with Prana Yama practices. Prana Yama practices involve the control of our breathe to retune and unblock our internal bio energy body ( bio Energy is called Prana in Sanskrit) . Our Mind is contained within our Energy body. Thus, as the bio energy body tunes in, the Mind too gets tuned in and it’s agitations are quelled. When the Mind is thus quelled and laid to rest, what remains is the Soul( Atma) which is the embodiment of Love or Cosmic Consciousness from which all creation sprang.

Yoga Asanas must be supplemented by Discipline, values-based living, sense control, recognition of the cosmic consciousness that pervades everyone and everything.

To this effect Prana Yama( breath Control), One Pointed Concentration( called Dharana) , Meditation all help immensely.

Yoga can be practiced by any one irrespective of body type, shape, caste, colour, religion, or atheist. Yoga acknowledges the presence of a Cosmic Force(or consciousness) that was the motive force behind all creation. We all have a spark of that Cosmic Consciousness as our Soul within our body. It is this cosmic Consciousness that gives all created beings the ability to Love without conditions and serve others in need without expectations. Yoga is the discovery of that I have within me unlimited potential as the cosmic consciousness and so does everyone around me. As we progress towards this realisation we begin to see the cosmic consciousness as the basis of all beings in creation. This in turn makes us all become mindful of what we see, what we say, what we do and the effect on nature, other humans, other beings This state of mind is the end point of Yoga and is called Samadhi in Sanskrit. Simply put Samadhi is a state of equanimity whereby slander or derision does not affect you, neither does praise and fame make you elated. 

Regular yoga practitioners reported the following when surveyed about the effects of yoga on emotional well-being:

  • 86% report a reduction in stress.
  • 69% report a positive increase in temperament and mood.
  • 63% report yoga mentally motivates them to exercise more.
  • 59% report an improvement in sleep quality and quantity.
  • 86% report an overall improved sense of mental wellness and clarity.
  • 28% report a noticeable reduction of depression symptoms.
  • 79% report a feeling of closeness with their community and wanting to give back.

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